Strandveld Vineyards

Strandveld Vineyards, Africa’s southernmost vineyard and winery in Elim. The foundation range, First Sighting, expresses the unique terroir of the various soil types and extreme weather conditions. The Strandveld Vineyards range is crafted from only the finest grapes grown on very specific blocks on the farm. These wines are the ultimate expression of the time and place of their creation. 


“Strandveld” refers to the coastal belt of land which spans the coastline around Africa’s tempestuous southernmost tip at Cape Agulhas. Lying almost 35˚ south, the Cape South coast is characterised by severe wind, mist and cool temperatures. This confluence of maritime climate, varying sites and soil types creates the diversity of terroir that distinguishes the wines of Strandveld Vineyards.


In 1488, Bartholomeu Diaz was the first to set his eyes upon the land at the southern tip of Africa. Centuries later other modern day explorers determined that this harsh climate could produce riches of a different kind…


In 2001, a group of enthusiastic wine lovers, struck by the spirit of adventure that motivated the Portuguese all those years ago, turned to the original Portuguese maps. With every coastal nuance described and labelled, these maps became their inspiration for seeking out new potential vineyard sites based on their proximity to the sea. While some may lament the fierce winds, rolling sea mists and cool temperatures, these are the foundation for growing the grapes that make the distinctive Strandveld wines.

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August 25, 2014